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Reviews for "The Clock War: Part III"

that was great

I loved the animations

You have moved me

No clock movie has ever moved me this much. I nearly cried. Such a fantastic ending.

Thanks for this amazing movie!

U have taught me that whether you're a FruitClock, VeggieClock, WeirdClock, MeatClock, DrinkClock, WeedClock, GothicClock, or any other clock, we are all clocks and we are all the same. It also taught me about what war can do to people, SBC had to kill CarrotClock because he couldn't accept that he wasn't king of the portal. Thank you, 5 stars and 5 extra!


What strawberry said was deep, and unlike other clocks you don't have anyone say vote five. I'm not a clock but I hope the clock crew will never die.


that was cool FU gave orange a thumbs up