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Reviews for "The Clock War: Part III"


very interesting but too much talking andloved the fite music though fight shouldave lasted longer good animation but a little too less fiting nice ending also


Nobody kills StrawberryClock... Bitch

Best line of the flash, this is a masterpiece among fruit and other clocks alike. Keep up the good work and Clock On!

it was ok

In my opinion there was to much talking the bigging of the flash was so boring that the adds under it were more appealing, but it had its moments and was animated very well. the fight scene between carrot clock and strawberry clock could have lasted a little bit longer but it was cool while it lasted. also the fight scene music kicked asss. keep up the good work


Likeall the recent clock stuff it was alright, and it flowed well. The over-powered strawberry, that annihalated the carrot wasnt very cool, and the fighting was virtually non existant, a little too sappy for me. The only good part was where he said, :you cannot kill strawberry clock, bitch" thats it for me.


this is one of the best clock days i have ever seen. i don't know what else to say besides AMAZING!!!