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Reviews for "The Clock War: Part III"


haha wow that was hilariouse "You cant kill strawberry clock... bitch".

"You cant kill strawberry clock......bitch."

lol i totally love that part.


I love the part 'You can't kill strawberry clock... bitch' Very good work on details I loved the clockwar parts.

Gotta question for anyone who can answer:

First of all, great movie, loved the whole series. :)

The question: What is the song played when Strawberry and Carrot duke it out? Been trying to find it for a while but I have no clue what the title is.

FUClock responds:

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria. Sadly, it's on their worst album. If you feel so inclined, either of their first two records are great.


Your storytelling is the bomb and you have the animation to do it right. Don't ever stop animating awesome work mate.