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Reviews for "The Clock War: Part III"


This was very well done. It felt like the end of a real movie, with the peace speech and all. I loved your style of art and animation. Your signature clock is hilarious yet awsome! And I loved how he made a thumbs-up sign at the end. Awsome job with this. 5 For you.


I really like the clockcrew movies artists like u really make it worth watching. It was a bit emotional too.


I recently started watching the ClockCrew movies, and this one almost made me cry it was so excellent... well, not really, but it was very good. Nice


Wow...this flash made me realize the clockcrew may have started as a halfassed flash symbol but now..., years later... it means something totally different it. huh....


Damn man this is one of the most amazing flashes I have seen on Newgrounds. I loved the artistic style and the part where Strawberryclock and CC fight is priceless.Nice job putting Welcome Home for the fight its an awesome time for it:P Hope to see more of your work.