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Reviews for "The Under Appreciated"

Totally awesome

Its the long flashes like this, along with clear voice and storyline that make watching it worth your time. I think you put a formidable effort into this animation, and you should publish more. Great Work


Its not worth your time. :(

I enjoyed it much.

That was a great length flash with a lot of great qualities,it had a solid story and some excellent voice acting also i love the idea of giving the lower under appreciated clocks some air time.


i say this many times, but only on movies iloved. i mean, teh sound, the voice actors, the visuals, the music... ist all great! good job on story/ jokes, and even on characterising the main heroe's style and behavior, so i give you point fo that, my friend. also, the humour, and ridiculously crazy situation they are into, is great.
i mean, good flash. i love the part where they talk to tree. ''a flying booger!'' ''what, with a red bandana riding on a rock'', hahaha or tha one ''yo uwill PAY'' (agony, scared men) ,slices pie from the places ''pie, sir?'' haha, great, and the ending was amazing. both hillarious, and full of hope.
what a good flash. a great, great movie.

im on a rant again, sir.

but i loved it.

also like ''im popular!'' by roman collar, and then he opens door in daed quiet ''yup, still got it...''

hahaha 5. you are worth it


an intant clasic bravo

SherClockHolmes responds:

Thanks mayunnnnnnn