Reviews for "Ki10 Ep. 2! Tummy Ache!"


hmm you watch so much spongebob

KINDA good

but the website you posted gives people the risk of getting spyware, malware, or othe unwanted things. i wont blam but will tell you to not post dangerous websites with in flash movies.

KyleDaFox responds:

Not all websites do that=/ I know that one doesn't

I seriously...

Rolled on the floor laughing my behind off, peed my pants laughing, laughed out loud that I peed my pants again at the sheer crappiness of this flash yet the humor outweighed the horrid graphics. I think this was good for Clock Day but for no other occasion, it was just funny because it was crap, I loved it.

So horrible yet so funny

This movie was overall horrible. I guess OK for Clockday but it was really bad. It was so bad I laughed like crazy and I had to give you a 5.



This movie sucked in every aspect that it is possible to suck in. Might I suggest practicing and, after you show some degree of proficiency, submitting a movie that doesn't make me want to kill myself? Happy Clock Day.

KyleDaFox responds:

Happy Clock Day to you, too!