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Reviews for "The CCs humble beginnings"


For once a flash movie with some truth to strawberry clocks origins! A not bad job here... but are you basically saying the clockcrew didn't die out because tom gave it a chance? If so I can think of a few other animated series' that were saved in a similar manner... XD

RupeeClock responds:

There's no other way B would've survived, it normally would've been blammed at like, a 0.10


Nice story.

I din't really know the Clock crew's origins and knew not that Strawberry had ANYTHING to do with anything.

Actually I stopped caring about clocks way back when I first saw "B" and saw it had people reviewing it as a "work of art" and stuff.

Those guys must have only had 2.5 brain cells.

Anyway, the clock crew itself can't be original enough. Except now the clock crew has been around a while and people will say it's getting old. Not like it's gonna go away though.

-Nox (Maybe I could start a similar movement...no I'll let someone else do it for me, what with being a full-time college student I don't have time to start stuff, lol)

RupeeClock responds:

You're kidding right?

B IS a work of art, it has spawned thousands of clocks over 5 years.

what the hell how do you give the roll of dingleberryclock and olskoo to knottsberryclock


A tad overrated. Just a tad. Either way, as far as clock flashes go, this was pretty good. Tom Fulp is a strage fellow, and that pic of him was golden. But honestly, that's the only part that really got me. The rest seemed to drag a bit. Good animation, I guess I'm just sick of clocks.

RupeeClock responds:

Well meh.

ow my brains

the way they talk really hurts my self esteem and makes me want to die on the inside... someday the clocks will burn BURN I SAY

RupeeClock responds:

Oh come on, computer voices aren't THAT bad.