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Reviews for "The CCs humble beginnings"

Easter egg

Woot treeclock!
I'm watching all clock vids, I've now watched B and this :3

several years ago...

I hated the clock crew, based on the mindless spamming of the portal from some of the members. I then saw some of StrangeClock's well thought out animations, which is when I decided to keep my mind open. Then i decided to watch this flash and now i don't hate EVERY member of the Clock Crew now...

Oh yeah, and nice flash...

Wow You really need to be around here.

I guess i have an idea of what the clock crew is.

I wish I was around for when all this happened.

P.S. Poor evil clock.

Nice vid.

It was funny and I liked it. But somehow... I'm still a little confused as to how the Clockcrew got started.


Thank you for explaining all of that to me. I had no idea who you guys were until I saw this video. Thank's a lot.


Now Understands!