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Reviews for "The CCs humble beginnings"

Happy Clock Day!

You nicely summarized the events leading up to the creation of the CC! The details like the Clocks looking for a place to live gave it the feel of a fun kid's book. Great!

RupeeClock responds:

No way man, YOU did the kids book, I did the fictional historical documentation. :)

I'm glad that you liked it, thanks for so much, like the preloader, advert and your awesome flash today. :D

Mr Rupee!

Brilliant work! You remind me of my Great Grandpa Rasta, with your story telling.. ANYWAY.... GOOD job! you got my 5! and my heart....



RupeeClock responds:

Haha, nice. :)

Glad you li ked.

Great clock day movie.

I just can't help it.
I love clocks.
Every time I see a good clock movie I vote 5.
That why I love clock day. ^_^
And now for the movie.
Graphics are good.
I love the sound.
And the humor is really good.
(Especialy the part when you threw the book a evilberryclock.)
(That was funny.)
Overall I love this movie.
P.S Happy clock day.

RupeeClock responds:

Oh I do love.
The way that you fifen.
And I am glad.
That you enjoyed my movie.



All tens? Must be CLOCK DAY!!!!11

Ah! I finally found RupeeClock's movie. Great job man, clocks rule.

Nice easter egg, too ;-)

RupeeClock responds:

You only found one easter egg? There are 5! :O

Great compared to some of your other flash

I like how during the flashback SBC is using FutureSplash instead of Flash, it makes it feel more old school.


RupeeClock responds:

Ah yes, you indeed have good observational skills. :)