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Reviews for "~|| StarBlade"


Such megaman epicness if you dont mind me saying they better use your ideas for 8-bit, i dont usually curse but this takes it, this is the shit for 8-bit games!

T-Free responds:

Haha thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed listening, Blastes! :D

Epic 8-bit Song

If I ever play a Old School 8-bit game with this type of song playing I would be saying to myself: "OMG Is this really a 8-bit game!?!? NICE MUSIC!!" Can't wait to hear more T-Free, keep it up. :D

T-Free responds:

Thanks, and I will. :)

for some strange reason...

I imagine reindeer exploding to this song... it would make a new version of transmigration the shiz


I usually don't like 8-bit songs, but this one is really good, and at the same time make 8-bit video game creators look really bad.


Hi T-Free, wie gehts? It's been a long while without hearing your jobs...
I like it. How if the flute is a bit slower? (just a comment of an inexpert ;P)
Bis bald

T-Free responds:

Hey, great to see a review from you again, Frank! :P
Well, yeah I can try to edit some parts of the flute, it was a bit hard to work with it because I couldn't work properly with sustain effects. I'll do my best on the full version of the track. Thanks!