Reviews for "Ode to ye B"


~ Well, first of all, I didn't really find the sound clips very funny. The SBC's rotating were kind of funny, I guess, though. This movie wasn't very good a tall; the graphics were pretty bad, and the style was, too, I guess... you probably didn't out very much effort into this movie... put more effort into your movies next time. ~

{ 1/5 }


it's very hypnotizing. and a funny soundclip. but it's not enough for to make up a good flash. it lacks in diversity and in content (just a few rotating strawberrys, not very rich in content).

Clock-influenced crap

I am a Clock supporter because I like how a string of horrible submissions led to a sub-culture using the clocks as a motif. Many clock submissions are well-made and entertaining. The Clock Crew is a fascinating sub-set of the Newgrounds scene.

However, sometimes people just use the clock motif as an excuse to make dumb flash. This is one of those submissions. It's just not funny anymore.



ok, i admit the thing was probably about 1 week to do but, plz, don't give this stuff to NG. YOU BROKE IT!

Wow....... this was lame.

I voted a 1 because it lacked effort. Because a zero it too harsh. Sadly, I know you can do better. :)