Reviews for "Ode to ye B"

why did you change your name?

well done "C to the B". if I was a clock with multiple personalities, I'd definately want to look like that. Maybe then, the other kids wouldn't have teased me and stolen my shoes…

Looks nice. There are a lot of frames for each strawberry, so it runs through nice and smooth.

With my skills on flash maker, I couldn't do better.

Do something better

None of your movies are too entertaining this was no more than more spam.
You have to learn to put effort into these movies.


^^Good Points^^
This was a funny sound clip you used for this. Not sure where it came from, but it was pretty random and funny too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Ok, you could have atleast tried to make even a crappy movie with crappy animations, but this is just six SBC's rotating around with nothing else happens. Next time try to atleast put some effort into this to make an actual movie.

Clock-influenced crap

I am a Clock supporter because I like how a string of horrible submissions led to a sub-culture using the clocks as a motif. Many clock submissions are well-made and entertaining. The Clock Crew is a fascinating sub-set of the Newgrounds scene.

However, sometimes people just use the clock motif as an excuse to make dumb flash. This is one of those submissions. It's just not funny anymore.