Reviews for "Ode to ye B"

Clock-influenced crap

I am a Clock supporter because I like how a string of horrible submissions led to a sub-culture using the clocks as a motif. Many clock submissions are well-made and entertaining. The Clock Crew is a fascinating sub-set of the Newgrounds scene.

However, sometimes people just use the clock motif as an excuse to make dumb flash. This is one of those submissions. It's just not funny anymore.

Maybe could of been good..

If it was more then 10 seconds long and did more then rotate around and say one thing...


it's very hypnotizing. and a funny soundclip. but it's not enough for to make up a good flash. it lacks in diversity and in content (just a few rotating strawberrys, not very rich in content).

why did you change your name?

well done "C to the B". if I was a clock with multiple personalities, I'd definately want to look like that. Maybe then, the other kids wouldn't have teased me and stolen my shoes…


Well, I'm not exactly sure hwothis would be considered an "ode to b" I mean, sure, StrawberryClock is rotating a few times (that's the whole flash actually), but there's also no B to be found. The sound clip was quite interesting though, I'll admit that. Not sure if Dr. Phil fits with SBC, but it does add something to this flash. This may have been one of your better flashes.