Reviews for "Ode to ye B"



ok, i admit the thing was probably about 1 week to do but, plz, don't give this stuff to NG. YOU BROKE IT!


(note: This review has been modified slightly from the original version, as the original review was taken down.)

This flash is awful. Six spinning strawberry clocks? Really? There seems to be a general lack of effort put into this flash. And the quote is far too short. It was funny, but lasted 8 freaking seconds. Really? There should have been more quotes at least.

And the flash doesn't answer the burning questions I have. What is a B? How is it related to strawberry clock? Who is gay? What is the importance of his/her homosexuality? Is B gay? What the hell is going on? Your comments sure didn't help clear up the ambiguity. Is strawberry's clock's wish for B to be gay on Clock Day?

To improve on your next flash, you should prolong the length of the content. Having an eternally looping animation is alright, as long it interests me for more than half a second. Also, answer some of the questions the title of the flash raises.

However, this flash shows you have potential to be great. I look forward to a sequel, or some more of your work.


This came to Newgrounds before I joined. However, looking at the submissions from then and now, I'd have to say this is probably one of the better pieces of spam I've seen. It's funny and random, and although there's a comment pertaining to homosexuality, it's not overly offensive to anybody. I really wish more spam could be like this.

Do something better

None of your movies are too entertaining this was no more than more spam.
You have to learn to put effort into these movies.


This was Basically the Very first Submission for Clock Day 2006!
(Since the REAL First one Got Blammed)
C'mon Everybody!
don't look at how Shitty the Flash is!
Look atHow this was made!
Let's all Salute the Almighty B
Again, Hmm?

B, B, Hooray!