Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"

Nice but WTF?

Though this one is good. I'll never understand clocks

Pretty good graphics

However...I feel like the part when Tom Fulp said in this movie: "All other paintings (flash) are SHIT compared to B...DOG shit..." was offensive to some other pieces of flash. Like Wonchop's, Black Devil X's, Kylee's or many other great ones. Anyway, I'm afraid that I too have voted 0 for B...However, I have voted 5 for other clocks' animations like TurdClock's "Clockday of the Year," RupeeClock's "Tails and his GBA" series, CrustClock's "Who Killed StrawberryClock?" and SharinganClock's enourmous clock collab: "Hikari." Anyway, this is a good way to retell the story and the voice acting was awesome too. 5/10 Stars

Not Bad

I was hoping for some more animation, but I guess this was alright. I liked the idea of a storybook, but again, the lack of animation really took away from your score.

StrangeClock responds:

fair enough! Happy Clock Day!


Not really my style man
I'm really sick of clock flashes too. It was just like all the others.

StrangeClock responds:

your field of vision is disappointingly narrow

Uh oh....

Not a review (so ignore ratings):

I'm sorry, but do you know if this will play in mozilla firefox? When I try to view it, the picture book shows up, and I click it and/or press space. Nothing happens, the window freezes @_@.

StrangeClock responds:

It should work. Maybe try again later, make sure the window is done loading (sometimes the preloader will say it's done even though it's not completely ready), and if all else fails try installing/reinstalling the latest version of Flash Player.