Reviews for "The Story of Clock Day"

This Was The Best Clock Movie Today By Far

The best quote that someone said was this looks like piss, cat piss in the mouth. Man this was so classic. I should have made a painting also, but I'm not a proffesional artist like the famous Strawberryclock is. I hope you make another movie next yeat, hopefully it's as good as this.

Nothing personal but it got a 9

Great submission! I loved the way you did a story book desgin instead of a "traditional flash". Most awsome!


so THATS wut clock day is...lol nice flash..good work

not bad

I was amused by the random foulness, and i like the whole page turning and children's book style it was in

This had me cracking up.

Anyone who doesn't like this evidently masturbates in children's shoes at foot locker. (My favorite line in that whole story.)

Nice job Strange and Happy Belated Clock Day to all the clocks. :D