Reviews for "xKore - Cries (FL Core)"


win win win


Just wondering though, what the hell is she saying?
Or is she just making a bunch of noises?

Can't agree more with this stuff

Indeed, this song has deep beat and twisting sounds, what we got from them, an awesome Drum n Bass song! Can't stop listening this song, at same time it's deep and hard, but still at same time it's easy, calm and nice to listen, relaxes in it's own way.

I like this one, awesome song! Full score from me!

i love this

your music just shows your brilliance. and this song is no different it has that hiphop type of feel to it its awesome keep the amazing work!

~phoenixdragon98 AKA kitsunea

If I could vote 100/10 I would

I can seriously say, I wanna fuck you after hearing this song, no homo. I really feel the sooth and the beat of the song. So nice when I get to hear these people out of nowhere create such masterpieces. I applaude you, good sir. Someday you will be rich and famous for this work. No doubt.