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Reviews for "Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt1"




Everything, except...


Filesize is a little chunky but oh well

Best Sonic Animation EVER!!!

I think my title sums it all up. That was a spectacular display of using the right kinda music and voice clips and sound effects. I can't wait to see your next one. I've come to realize people who spend more time on their flashes end up getting better ratings. Of course, anyone knows that. Just goes to show that when you put your time and heart into a flash you get great results. Good Job! Finally a flash that doesn't go too far off the story line and uses the REAL characters voices! Keep up the excellent work!



I take back what I said about the first Sonic verses Nazo! That was the most amazing Sonic flash movie Iv'e ever seen! and It wasn't a DBZ rip anymore! It makes sense in the world of Sonic in every way!!!!


this is the best Sonic series ever you are makeing all those Sonic flash makers julious, keep up the great, fantastic, super work.

where do you get your ideas they are GREAT
make the next one soon

Good, as always

Chakra, nice job and nice job with the sound FX i really liked it, and my guess is Shadic will make a Return in Part 3, please correct me if i am wrong, and really nice job with the battle scenes, if i had a choice i would give this the Daily #1 award