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Reviews for "Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt1"


great to see someone put so much time and effort into a flash movie. awesome work, and can't wait to see your future projects.

Good Job

I watched this 2 times and this rocks so far, dont care of u used dbz-stuff, a movie is a movie.

Cant wait until the next part, keep this up ;)


Will you idiots who think this is blatant rip off of DBZ stop your complaining. If you want to complain, take your argument to SEGA since they are the ones who used so many ideas from the anime.

Super Sonic - Super Saiyan
7 Chaos Emeralds - 7 Dragonballs

Coincidence? That's why Sonic is best used for DBZ parodies.
But since this is not a DBZ parody, you can all shut up.

Sorry about that. I'm fortunate that I don't get complaints like that since my sprite flashes are DBZ parodies.
But enough about that. Onto the review.

I think all that work really paid off. I want to break into fpf animation one day and it's animations like these that inspire me.
The sound effects were great. And so were the voices. (Although I can only really give you credit for Nazos voice since that wasn't used from a game).
But it's the action that always draws me in. Although in my opinion you can try to cut the chatting to a minimum unless it's relevent to the story. But that's only a minor complaint.
Overall, good job. This is going into my favourites.
Keep up the good work. <D

i like remakes

you really improved from your last one and extended it i like that you included the black super form and the sound really improved knuckles only said 5 words and thats it.


This is way better than your first nazo movie, nice work. Where did u get the remix of sinic adventure theme? it sounded so cool? cant wait for #3