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Reviews for "Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt1"


Overdid the dragon ballz a little, but holy crap
that has to be teh best handrawn sonic movie EVER.

couple things on my mind

this was very well done. I loved it because i like sonic and DBZ they are sweet. But about that. This is quite a huge dbz ripoff no matter how much those few things are related. Dispite how the fact that in sonic they COULD fly and could shoot beams and have everything mass destruction that didn't come into play until very far later into the show. They may have a few similar casualties but they both completely different styled shows and what basically happened here was sonic stars in DBZ. Like i said i don't care cause im a huge fan of dbz but i can see how original sonic fans would get angry. Graphics were good and personally this is my kinda movie. But for originality it has its highs and lows.
Low- Dbz ripoff
High- great story line it was a nice spin off

anyways im just the kinda critic that says something you might be able to use but i can see it was a complete waste of time concidereing this was a remake of an already animated flash you made before. But hey maybe its something you can use with future movies that you may take up doing. Overall great flash and i hope to see more because these are the kinda flashes i live to watch personally :P good job keep up the good work


I only liked it because tail got killed, the rest wasto much like DBZ. Plz kill tail again in the sequel, bring him back to life abd kill him again.


Awesome job. Can't wait for the next part. Who cares if there's a vague resemblence of DB/Z. Even Naruto does that. It's about the story, not what it looks like.

This? This was awesome. Keep up the good work.

Effin Amazing

This is the best Sonic thing I've seen yet on Newgrounds. I need to finish this up. Make sure you keep making future Sonic flashes. I mean, the audio was synched perfectly. Great job.