Reviews for "To the Top"

theres nothing better then a good clockday movie

Nice stuff i loved how mineral moved.
Great job

5'd <3

<3 CC

- Ping pong (im in many groups ok >:[)

stoners-lunchbox responds:


<3! B! Happy Clock Day!

The animation is great and all...

But it just doesn't make sense. I loved the animation, with a little more practice, you can be really good. But you need to work on your story building. If you get a good story, you could make one hell of a good movie.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

This is actually the one time that i idn't bother building a story. I made this film in about 6 days, since i got remided that Clock Day is approaching fast and i'd never paid the Clock Crew a good tribute.

Nevertheless... A bit of randomness is what we need on this "special day", don't you think? ;)

Thanks for watching!

damn you!

you are one day early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just kidding, your movie was pretty cool. kicks my clock day movie's ass.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Cheers! Happy Clock Day for tomorrow!

Nice beginning to a happenin' Clock Day


Pretty nice drawing style you've got there, and I kinda liked Mineral Water Clock's moves he did!


Nice generic fight scene, although I would have given you a 10 if you synced it with the Music...


Song from a Bemani game (Drummania 9th Mix) = INSTANT 10! I just love those music games so much!


Fruit Clocks have one weakness, being made into a fruit smoothie!


How it was put together, was just excellent!

Dispite some flaws, it was actually pretty enjoyable! Great job, and Happy Clock Day Eve!

p.s. I loved this Smoothie *rimshot* XD

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Cheers! The flaw must've been with your own machine though. The scene was in perfect sync with the music. Almost every move went to the beat.

Either way, i had fun and i hope everyone else enjoys it too. Happy Clock Day!

Very Nice

It's fucking great man.
Nice job.
The music could have been a bit better though.
Sorry, I can't give ya a detailed review, but I gotta get going.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

That's fucking allright, mate!

Thanks for fucking watching, and happy fucking Clock Day! :D