Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"


It's like a Krinkles movie, minus the humor, smooth animation, and originality.


Splurgle responds:

And you're like a person, except with no sense, life or movies so you should shut the fuck up.

done with it.

i'v seen this stupid cartoon in other website befor and im getting sooooo bored with madness i mean was't there like a part 1 2 3 4 and 5? i'v seen all of them and they r just the same as this one, good job in makeing this one, more out of my interest

Splurgle responds:

Alright then.

This sucks

You freaking made the original of this and fast forwarded it. It was the crappiest flash i've seen, I thought you could do better.

Splurgle responds:

Sorry I couldn't please you.


I don't know why people make more of these flashs they could never be as good as the original and this flash shows it.

Splurgle responds:

I dunno. It sure has improved my animating skill overall though.

This was pretty bad

Sorry but this was just shit. I dont care if you respond harshly to my review, it still doesnt change that this was just unoriginal and terrible. Mabye if you weren't completely copying and FAILING to do it right itd be a bit better

Splurgle responds:

Since I see you are an EXPERIENCED flash artist, I completely respect your opinion.