Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

head shot, head shot, head shot, anthing else?!?

with the madness series, there is so much to be done. so much room for creativity, freedom to move the character in new and awesome ways. this had none of that. you capture the look pretty well, now just work on the original part of your addition to the madness collection. have some one throw a knife, then the guy catch it in his teeth or something. less head shots, more movement. have more than one guy attack him at once. add a bit of realism to the badguys while giving a little scifi mystery skill to the the hero. needs work.


It's like a Krinkles movie, minus the humor, smooth animation, and originality.


Splurgle responds:

And you're like a person, except with no sense, life or movies so you should shut the fuck up.

worst madness ever.

bit shit, animation was crap, the bad guys all fought one by one, so the rooms packed full of people were a bit boring. seen it done many times before by people who are better than u, but you are good at animation for someone whos only 14! but you have a small willy

Splurgle responds:

Worst madness ever? Please go check in the Madness collection and look what shit is in there. First of all, you have no animations whatsoever, second of all, YOU have a small willy, third of all, you suck.


one of the biggest problems was that nobody put up a fight. At one point there were five guys with knives standing right behind the hero, and none even took a swing. They just stood there waiting to be killed.

-not a good flash

Meh, nice try.

Well I thought your first one was pretty good, but this one could have used more work. You tried to impress us with the massive amout of enemy in a room that this character could contend with, and yet I clearly saw quite a few opportunities to kill him. They weren't agressive enough to make this interesting. I am still a fan of your work, and I know that even a short one like that takes a long time to make, so please don't be discouraged, just know that enemy AI is the most important tool in excitement. It was also slightly choppy all the way through.

Splurgle responds:

Don't worry a single bit. Everyone's constructive criticism is being taken note of. Everything you point out that needs improvement will go towards Making Elimination 3 better so people'd like it. Thanks!