Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"


The stop button didn't stop the music and the rewind button didn't work it would just play the flash if it was stopped you should try to fix that but other then that everything seemed fine. Overall I thought this was a great flash and hope to see your next one soon! 5/5

Splurgle responds:

Hope to make my next one soon as well.

Nice work

I wish it had more blood, but very excellent. I know how damn hard it is to animate like that and thats why I gave up. Nice madness movie.

Splurgle responds:

Never give up, mate.


this one is much improved from the first

i loved how the bodyguards rushed in with melee weapons just to be shot in the face...funny stuff

the poster with krinkles' protagonist and yours was a nice touch too

in some scenes it would have been nice to see the enemies act a little smarter...for instance, in the scene with the bodyguard and zombies with the green nightsticks the zombies rushed in 1 at a time while the others just stood there...thats kinda picky though so it doesnt subtract from your score...they are zombies after all

if you keep improving you might be able to match krinkles's fluidity, which noone has been able to do so far

Splurgle responds:


Awesome jobb man!

That was great i am really looking forward to the third movie! really great animation and a great madness animation! I loved it! keep up the good work!

Splurgle responds:


still its good