Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

dammit you can do way better than that!

why cant you be creative!!!!!!
madness depredation rocks, but this don't!!! it's accually boring, and soo predictable! its just a guy killing some other, unimportant guys without having a scratch! no more small jokes and stuff come on!!!
note: theres always only 1 guy attacking, like in the beginning, the 3 zombies, he just took them one by one! the others just waited until the one before them is killed, and that sucked, really, even the graphics are worse! madness depredation still is the best madness made!

Splurgle responds:


Leave madness to Krinkels

Hello ppl the madness films are old now stop making them. And if someone is to make one please leave them to Krinkels theres been way too many madness spoofs so stick to somthing else

Splurgle responds:

First. Talk English.

Second. No.

Third. I'm making another whether you like it or not.

like 4bucks said...

dude, i agree wid 4bucks, take your time, the concept and art its good, them movement is way to fast and overall it needs improvments. Look, i know how hard it is to make animations but the first one was better so i know u do good animation
take ur time wid it.


WERE IS THE PLAY BUTTON after the first play button (at the black screen

wtf 56 madness dead awsone XD