Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Eh, not as good as the first.

Well now. The first thing I'm going to say is to PLEASE highlight the PLAY button! I was sitting there for about 2 minutes not noticing that it was loaded. Anyway,

The walking was a bit more sketchy then the first. And it wasn't as distributed as the first, because it was only 6 or so scenes or random violence. Although I liked "The Morons" part.

Not as great, but still fun to watch.

Splurgle responds:


you need to work on...

This was most likely good practice for you, but I suggest creating more original material, because this has been done many many times before im sure you know that. Try Experimenting with something fresh instead of recyling old material

good luck to you in the future and dont let bad reviews get you down...

bumblebeetuna out

Splurgle responds:

I need this message to go out to everyone:
-Massive 2 floor airplane slaughter.
-Guaranteed harder enemies.
-Guaranteed better animation with more realism.
-Car chase, roadkill.
-Explosives plus an off road 1 on 1 plus a hell of alot of agents in a field.
-Theme: Korea.
-More guns.
-A shitload more blood.
-Better music.



i think this has already been addressed but guns r nice but thats rather unoriganal with the deaths, just a guy shooting everything. It was just as bland as the amount of times u cut and paste what your going to do for your next animation on every review.

Splurgle responds:

All I can say is thanks.


While the graphics and animation were okay, I felt that this was far too lacking in originality to be held up too high. I don't want to discourage, yes it's really well drawn and animated, but it's number #945,487 in a long line of Madness tributes/rip-offs/whatever you call them.

The thing about the original is that it had lots of quite cool/humorous ideas that kept it interesting throughout, while this, like a number of Madness flashes is just:

- Guy enters room
- Guy shoots people in room
- Guy goes to next room
- (optional) something involving zombie resurrection and/or mysterious Jesus-man and/or clown

You should try some new ideas, while sticking to the style. For example, you're going to have airplanes, try using the environment inside an airplane, there are toilet cubicles, luggage compartments, seats etc in them. Or a fight while falling in the air from the plane trying to open a parachute/sabotage the enemy's. Those are just a couple off the top of my tired head.
I guess that's what I'm getting at, the original used some environmental variables such as boxes/crates, doors or lifts to good effect. Think about a cool place to have a fight then think about how your character can use things in that environment. That keeps it much more interesting, along with original/interesting/cool weapons. Guns, guns and more guns is a bit tedious as well, they go bang, the guy gets shot, more of the same really. While something a bit more interesting likes the odd knife, gun butt or grenade keeps it from being repetitive.

I hope you don't think I'm being overly critical, and I hope the review is of some use to you, but while the graphics were nice and well done, it was still fairly average overall, not really enough to make it stand-out from the rest. Good luck with your next one though!

Splurgle responds:

Very good review. I feel as if I failed with this. Or it's because of the damn front page.

How dissapointing !!
I don't like the part when the protoganist enter the room then the morons where like panicking !!