Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Short and unoriginal

Yet decently done.
It's just too bad it's been done sooooo many times already.
As a creative animator, you should rather create your own world/character/story cause the characters were mere variations of krinkels' characters and there was pretty much no story.
If I was krinkels, I'd be so annoyed with all the people taking my creation and flooding the net with replicas.

All that being said, keep up the good work, just try to be innovative maybe

Splurgle responds:

I WILL! Jeez! I ALREADY KNOW ITS NOT ORIGINAL! This is my second attempt at madness! Give me a fucking break already!

i agree with last guy

plus i also think that instead of havin 5 guards in there waitin for there turn to fight they should attack alot faster. like the guys in the back just sit there till they are about to be shot, then they get shot so it makes it very dull in my mind. and i gave u a low score for style because this isnt ur charater design. yes u drew it but thats like drawin santa claus and being like yea i made him up!(not sayin thats what u said just givin an example) so yea my thoughts.
make it alot more action based like have ppl drop from roofs and come in doors instead of just standin there.
finish up the next ones then start ur own charater project. make it so ppl copy YOUR ideas not the other way around

ill give it a 3/5 :)

Splurgle responds:


Ok in it's way

this is an ok tribute (mind the spelling) but only thing that buged me was the intelligence of the ppl, i no there called morons but they just stood tehre w8ing to die, and the action seemed 1 sided shoot, shoot, shoot, kill then with a little close combat, add a bit more movent to teh main char casue he seems to be just a sitting taget most the time so ne1 should be able to get a easy kill on him with a lucky shot. but nvm that i couldn't do ne better it's still good but need more added to it

Not to bad

It was pretty good, I didn't enjoy it to much though. And the animation seemed a little choppy.

Splurgle responds:

It had a low FPS.

...Take your time!

I see you couldnt handle your taste of success with Elimination.Tread carefully,but because of my devotion, ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS!Take your time!

Splurgle responds:

Hah, this thing is going to be 2 years old soon.