Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"


Well.... though im a big fan of krinkles work in madness this just didnt really do it for me. i mean it had the animtion down but was kinda blocky. the music really suited the setting but was kinda distracting when your trying to watch. also the main Character didnt have ANY trouble whatsoever clearing a room didnt have to duck or jump, that sorta killed the animation effect. i liked the way he used a wall as cover though.

Remember when the protagonist from the original madness series went in to kill the sheriff, he was trying to be stealthy about it. the enemies were smart in a sense of the usual bodyguard, not mindless idiots that just made it easier for him to kill.

dunno about the rest of you, but i liked the protagonist having to find different and witty ways to kill someone or clear a room.

Despite what I say it was a well animated madness flash worthy of front page. i give it a 4

Splurgle responds:

K thanks for the 4.

nice man

u have flash tallent and ur only 14, u could go far, i can do flash but i never have the time, my only advice is get ur own ideas, dont copy over peoples. nice job with this thow.

Splurgle responds:

*Sigh* How many times must I say this? I AM original. I am just giving madness a shot. Is that a big deal?

Rather good.

I enjoyed it, I must say. I respect the fact that you have the patience to create such a thing, for I, too, dabble in animation... however, I have not submitted anything. It's really not my forte.

I understand you are very proud of your work, but it seems you are rather harsh on users who attempt to give you any criticism. You will find that some people actually give valid input towards improving on your already good work.

Splurgle responds:

They don't know how to give me criticism properly. Anyways, glad you liked it.


It was too fast-paced and a little unrealistic. Like..two whole roomfuls of guys..not even HANK could kill them that fast. Also, it wasn't very slick or graceful. Other than that, it was a great Madness tribute.


good but a bit too fast.