Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

better but still samey

It was a big improvement from the last one, but srtill doesnt feel right, the killing was faster, but the same, good, best r
tribute, but it can t hold a candle to the originals.

Splurgle responds:



Animation is kinda rough, but action scene is good. Fine piece of work


when does the immortal killed by a knife the immortal can die with explosions or slash into halves but its a good movie :)

nice man

u have flash tallent and ur only 14, u could go far, i can do flash but i never have the time, my only advice is get ur own ideas, dont copy over peoples. nice job with this thow.

Splurgle responds:

*Sigh* How many times must I say this? I AM original. I am just giving madness a shot. Is that a big deal?

tsk tsk tsk

Whats the point of super powerful red zombies if they die in less then 5 seconds seriously. I mean they could at least do actual damage to him.