Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Too Fast

It was an ok madness flash, but you need to learn SLOWER MOVEMENTS. They went so fast in parts it almost look like they were having seizures. So do less enemys, and slow the action down.
Have him actually take the time to do a little "ownage" on all of the enemys.

just something u didn't notice

bio stats for the eliminator : Aim percentage - 8/10? u can't call it percentage then make it a fraction. but it was a pretty good movie, not as good as madness, but ur getting better and more fluent with ur framework.
keep working on it.

Splurgle responds:

8/10= 80%. I just liked it as a fraction.

Good animation, but...

It could have been a bit smoother, and the resurrects/Immortal died surprisingly easy, despite what you said in the biographies. Technically,
The Eliminator should have a 12 in danger rating, not 8.
Apart from that, good job!


I remember one part when there was this bodyguard who acted like a sissy because I thought he was crying. I was laughing like crazy and these zombies took weapons really fast but I like how these bodyguards swing swords for no reason! I like it. ( I need to tell you bodyguards are suckier then regular agents because I thought they dodge bullets and swings of swords.

Its ok

I just consists of the guy shooting everyone that runs at him nothing fancy