Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

good but

it was good but i got confused the first time to i watch again but it dident help anyways good but needs to have some story

Splurgle responds:

It has a story try reading the friggen biographies of the 1 & 2 one.

nice job

this was a nice flash i personally liked it. the plot was good and althought you had a few things i didn't like overall it was a decent flash keep up the work and i'm expecting great things for the next flash to come! Well done.

Splurgle responds:

Now this is a review worth reading.

youre good, but....

thei fight scenes just werent as stylish as you could have made them. apart from that, good enough job


God damn, the 'Morons' really are morons, huh? Watching them amble around trying to kill the protagonist was a good chuckle.

Time to be a predictable reviewer and bitch about the Graphics. My only problems with it where the sometimes jumpy movements by characters, and the sudden resizes of heads and such. If you could clean them up, things would look very, very nice indeed.

One more thing, perhaps adding a bit more... well... depth to the clip? Sure, mindless killing is great and all, but knowing the characters motives would be better (Without clocking back to the first clip).

Splurgle responds:

Will do! You guys are sculpting up my motivation nicely!!


Yeah it wass pretty good but.......... the guards was just jumping and did NOTING just so stupit but good anyway :)