Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Been there done that, but still nice

I had this feeling but the tempo was high en framrate smooth.
Only thing is, dont let the mobs that dont fight yet still doing somthing like stabbing between fight instead of just trilling like a dildo :s It broke the mood of watching the fights. Nice tribute, love madness.

Not real great but not to bad, keep it up ;)

Splurgle responds:


Not bad

My main criticism of you is that you desperatley need to learn how to accept constuctive criticism. You'll probably respond to this review with something along the lines of "You are just jealous because I got front page".

I wouldn't begrudge anyone getting front page but seriously, grow the fuck up. Your animation shows an understanding of flash but no originality. You must realise that this got front page because of the success of the original madness series.

I'm not trying to sound like a wanker because your flash was quite well put together and is a fairly good homage to Krinkels but stop taking every piece of criticism as a personal attack against yourself. People are allowed to criticise and as an artist you should welcome it. It means you can make your next movie even better by trying to improve and make sure there are less critics next time you submit.

Splurgle responds:

K, thanks for your advice.

I just HAVE to post this:

Elimination 3 is going to include:
-Massive 2 floor airplane slaughter.
-Guaranteed harder enemies.
-Guaranteed better animation with more realism.
-Car chase, roadkill.
-Explosives plus an off road 1 on 1 plus a hell of alot of agents in a field.
-Theme: Korea.
-More guns.
-A shitload more blood.
-Better music.

Nice try

I didnt like it too much. I think you put out a great effort, but there is tons of potential.

Focr one thing, it would have been great if you the main character didnt walk up to the enemies and stick the guns to their faces then fire...

You couldve also made the fight scenes with more movement, as in more jumping, punching.. more substance overall...

Nice try though.

P.S... Not necessary, but better gun details would make it look way cool.


Like the last one, this guy doesn't get shot, he barely even breaks a sweat! he doesn't get scratched or anything! it's too james-bondesc! ARGH! but then again i can't change much as you've already made elimenator 3?

Splurgle responds:

In Elimination 3, he gets:

Stabbed 3 times in the stomach.
Shot once in the chest.
Scarred all over the face.

I hope that's better?


@raziel777 has right i thought the immortals (the red zombies) ware the same powerfull as jesus or even better but why the hell did steve kill them so easy they ware powerfull and could have damaged steve but next time make those red zombies at the end or almost the end