Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Hank has a friend?

I read the poster and i thought hank couldn't have freinds being a serial killer and all, but i guess friends think alike:) I liked the movie but you just need to work on smoothing out movements then it will be a worthy tribute to krinkles (not that it already isn't)

Splurgle responds:


good, but work on the graphics

this is a good flash with acceptable music, but work on smoothing out the graphics. also, try making the gun sounds less choppy. but the overall flash is great, with the good old slaughter of useless zombies. it was a bit short, but i'm sure your next one will be much longer. and to be more like Krinkels's works, try to add some more humor into it. This is a good flash despite the minor drawbacks. keep it up.

awesome but it laggggggged

ya like perfectly done with the ideas, very very fast, but at the point where theres like 15 guys in the room my computer just completely laggggggggggggggggggged up so i couldnt finish watching it......and i found (since i dont got sound) if u dont got sound play rocco drop the bass.......i hope this isnt promotion of unrelated websites or html


It was overall almost the best but the thing is...Steve kept shaking and that made it a little bad but not the worst,cus it was pretty good.


its good, but so fast