Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

it was good

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very good cant wait for the next one.

Splurgle responds:


Nice work

Man I dug it! You did a great job recreating kinkles style. Unlike most of the other fan based Madness recreations yours had great artwork, it was fast paced, had kick ass fight scenes, and was somewhat entertaining to watch. I liked how you came up with some characters on your own rather than just using the sheriff. However, it did seem like you could have increased the frames per second. Other than that, keep up the kick ass work, hope to see more from you soon.
I dug the music too!

Splurgle responds:

Just animating for fun. :-)

Ok Brianbrain....

Or whatever your name is. If you sucked balls enough to flame a hard working animator then why the hell did you give it a 10!?
Heh, good movie , anyways.


This was several hundred times better than the first one, only thing wrong was that "The Eliminator's" movement was a little jerky, though I'm sure that's resolved later in the series. Overall, great! :D


i loled when i saw the friends poster in the background with hank and the eliminator