Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Steve is freaking crazy!

He's definitely got wat it takes to be the next protagonist! He kinda reminds me of Jase from the Killing Spree series.

Splurgle responds:

You think he's crazy in this? in Elimination 4 he jumps from a moving van and kills 3 people in the air.

loved it!

that was good enough to be made by krinkels himself!
that part with hank and him on a poster was great


i like that u use different sound effects for different guns it was cool

Awesome , but...

That was really great , but you need to really take your time when you were animating , cause everything was going a little too fast. Too slow is bad , but so is too fast , so take your time animating , cause you got plenty of time.


That was well wicked