Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Yeah, the sequel is always better. Again, nicely drawn, nicely animated and MAGNIFICENT BIOGRAPHIES AWW
Really, this series is one of the best I've ever seen. Thank you.
5 stars.
p.s 666/666 immortals age steal kill f*ck the gooses cuz hail satan and nothing else

Cool Movie! I Believe these are 1337 Level 4 Agents. in the 1-st Part where Only Level 1, 2 and 4. Level 3 are in ME 4. In ME 4 are and Some Level 2, But they are Rare there. And Zombies, and Grunts. Pt2 What's woth the Wall? Anyway Cool Movie.

WOW! better than first, That was GOOORE xDD

How dissapointing !!
I don't like the part when the protoganist enter the room then the morons where like panicking !!

LOL they think steve was hank friend?