Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Leave madness to Krinkels

Hello ppl the madness films are old now stop making them. And if someone is to make one please leave them to Krinkels theres been way too many madness spoofs so stick to somthing else

Splurgle responds:

First. Talk English.

Second. No.

Third. I'm making another whether you like it or not.

Sloppy here and there but good.

What I liked in the other Madness movies were that the animations were always fluently. It was lacking a bit in this movie.
Anyways the style is not original ( anymore ), and u finnished some scenes a bit rather quickly.
Walking animation was missing here and there.
The bigger the battles became the easier the morrons died.
So more effort next time :P

Splurgle responds:

Now THIS is a good review. I will put much more effort in the next one.

You can't go wrong with a madness Flash

Don't listen to these idiots, and don't pay no mind to what they have to say, I like Both Eliminations and enjoyed watching them, I personally i have not done any flash movies(Even though i would to, but can't seem to find the time.) But i know it has to be a gruelling Task. And i applaud anyone who puts together great work like this. And remember not everyone will be like me and like this, you will have some Dickweeds in the bunch who can't even produce a Stickfigure of thier Mommy's and Daddy's , and really don't even know what their talking about. Anyways, i know the next one will be even Better, Can't wait!!!!


Splurgle responds:

Yep, you're right on.

Hank has a friend?

I read the poster and i thought hank couldn't have freinds being a serial killer and all, but i guess friends think alike:) I liked the movie but you just need to work on smoothing out movements then it will be a worthy tribute to krinkles (not that it already isn't)

Splurgle responds:


Rather good.

I enjoyed it, I must say. I respect the fact that you have the patience to create such a thing, for I, too, dabble in animation... however, I have not submitted anything. It's really not my forte.

I understand you are very proud of your work, but it seems you are rather harsh on users who attempt to give you any criticism. You will find that some people actually give valid input towards improving on your already good work.

Splurgle responds:

They don't know how to give me criticism properly. Anyways, glad you liked it.