Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"


nicely made and cool i guess i dont a have anything to say.

Pretty good.

I like some of the other madness flashes better than this one. The movement was a little jerky like grimfenix said. I thought the fighting scenes could have had more action and gone on a little longer. Try adding more jumping and throwing of knives/guns/etc. Besides that I thought this flash rocked and can't wait for the next.



Great but movemant is a little choppy. the poster on the wall that showed hank and steve and the word "friends" was cool! it makes you think: "do they know each other?" =)

Splurgle responds:

Lol, yep.

Pretty Good

It was very good. At first I thought "Steve" was a rip off from Hank from the official series, but then I saw in the 3rd or 4th scene the poster on the wall that had a picture of the two that said "Friends?" so I knew it wasnt a ripoff. As was said before, some of the animations needed improving, like the walking and recoil from weapons, but it was a good reminder for me that Madness is still out there. It would have satisfied my taste for the series, however it was lacking two very important things:

1.) Quality of graphics. This one is hard to do im sure, because not only are there more than one person working on the official series, but they take months to do their work. I am sure that you could have made it great looking if you had taken the time to.

2.) THE WIERDNESS. That is one of the things that made madness what it is. The first two were okay, but they lacked the oddness that caught peoples attention. Sure, the first one had jesus and zombies, but the later ones had the undead clown that freaked out on people, created new demensions, etc.

So overall, quite good, but still needs a little improvement.

Note for the other posts: I had very little lag (framerate was a little slow but you only need it to be 24fps.) And I saw nothing that was straight copied from the Krinkels. All the weapons were original, clothing, etc. I mean yes he sort of copied but he made his own versions of them, with the red zombie (Which was pretty cool btw).


Splurgle responds:

Good review. Thanks.


Dude it was great! i loved the first one and kept checkin back for the 2nd. Nice work with the "Friends?" Poster. lol Keep up the good work cuz this sure didnt leave me complainin.

Splurgle responds:

I guess that's good.