Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"


It is good man A copy of madness. Same Soundeffects and the same art plus the same Backgroundmusic (author) So it is good!

Gj man!

Hey do not listen to the other guy, this is a good submission gj!

Gfg Much?

Graphics: 9 - Really good graphics here unlike what most people are saying, for a Madness flash the graphics were very well done in my opinion because there was nothing that lacked anything, the body movement was accurate and plenty of blood and etc. Minus one point because the guns he was firing seemed to have the "Infinite Ammo" effect at parts, meh.
Style: 10 - Im a big fan of Madness toons, so ten for you.
Sound: 10 - Everything seems to be insync and etc, nothing seemed to be off, good choice of music for the average bloody massacare scene and what not.
Interactivity: 3 Points for effort i guess, but im not throwing that at the overall.
Humor: 4 - I feel that this flash could have been much funnyer if you had have made some comical deaths or something along that line.
Overall: 8 - I would have given it a 9, but there wasnt enough "Funny Shit", if you recall from the original Madness series you could get a good laugh from most of the deaths that occured, your approach was more along the "Brutal" line more so then comedy and i think for your next one you should try and do both like Krinkels has done.

Other then that, just ignore the "Noobs" that give you bad reviews, they just hate it when something front page worthy finally makes it. The only way ill ever agree with someone who gives a low score is if they give a real reason and or argument stating why with an explimation, other then that they are just another cocky kid at a keyboard.


Not Impressed At All..

I am a maddness fan but this? this is just shit. its just so lame even the gayest showdown is better then this.. it's short boring and crappy wepons MAKE IT BETTER or i will eat you.. and thats a promise

Overall: Dissapointed. "-_-

Splurgle responds:

I will. And the eat you thing? What the fuck?

Good job.

HAHA i sure love thatcrazyguy. and you because hey your a cool dude. want to have my baby?

Splurgle responds:

I'm a dude, and so are you. NO.