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Reviews for "Champion"

good game but

it was really fun but after getting all the powerups it got way to easy. all i had to do was keep clicking and it would kill everything. I suggest putting more powerups in it such a stronger guys that help you or like fire arrows and put in more different people to shoot at. You could also put in bosses like every 10 rounds and have one final boss to fight after getting all the powerups. its a fun game but could use a little improvment

Fun game

its impossible to get past 7 for me anyways -_- i had like 1 guy come out every 1minute... after i bought hte faster soldier upgrade and i was like wdf... and i went from having like 4 guys right about to win to losing...


I got to level 34 before I got 2 bored, Good game.


Nice game, like the other guy, I did the same, but i got it at lvl 28

I love how people are telling you to change it...

even though it's been two years.
It's a great game. Simple, slightly challenging at points, and addicting to a certain level. Very enjoyable.