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Reviews for "Champion"


You don't get money for completing a level, so early on, you are punished for your accuracy by getting only 20 gold in the wave. The entire game I just clicked, no real strategy to it at all, just shoot and hope the power is where you want it when you let go of the mouse. You loose, start all over, no save, nothing. Nothing about this game is entertaining, and the only reason for a 1/10 is because of the upgrades; they are not great, but the upgrades work.... to an extend. It has no purpose, and above all, it's not enjoyable.


stickpage, wtf were u thinking when u made this. did u say 'make a game that's impossible, cheap and bad for players? sorry

OP but too long

OP means Over Powered for those who don't know, and once you get the double shot the game gets really easy, but by then only 1 of your friendly units appear every minute so the game takes too long. great game for those who like to play indefinitely.

-Pretty Crapy-

Why? Because if you die once you have to restart the whole game and also not much time put into it.

Too hard/boring

If you die, you lose. It is really hard to get the start and it becomes boring after level 1. Sad.