Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

It truly shouldn't be...

After all, i was just witness to my whole world being reborn thanks to this song...
This is not trance... This is not music... This is not art... This is The world as it is, which is what ever we make it out to be...

If this were interpreted as music, i would say that this is an exceptionnaly proffessional peice by newgrounds standards, and a rough draft by proffessional standards... It's great, but it needs a bit more editing in some areas. For example, areas where the song is just not populated enough.
Instrument choices/arrangements/filtering is all top notch. As a 7+ minute song, I'm surprised i didnt have to pay to listen to this. But for the meaning of the song, it just didn't feel all that cold.

"When you're losing your grip on reality... When you're losing faith in what you believe... When you're forgetting the boundaries between what you need and what you want... No matter what happens, the one thing that you will never lose, is the beat that drives you."
Andy Hunter

Mrmilkcarton responds:

When you say not populated what do you mean?

It is a cold world

But maybe this will give you a warmer feeling: 10/10 5/5

Please return the favor on my new song: Wonder of Birth.

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Your 10s won't bring my grandfather back.

You've done it!

This is trance.