Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

Pretty brilliant.

This is a really amazing piece of music. What a great journey it is listening to this from beginning to end.

i fell like flying...

you would think i was weird if you find out how many times i have heard this in a row (;
10+ for this great song!


You sounds like deadmau5 +10. That is definitely going to go on my ipod. You nailed it. Its perfect for a CD. Someone should DJ this.


One word sum up in the title there.

The arps sound fantastic, the kick is punchy, and the bass is at just the right volume for a trance song. The title fits your song well, it has a sort of menancholy beautifulness about it, and the chords at 1:04 sound amazing. Nice progression on the synths there. Nice sidechaining at 1:48 as well.

A beautifully composed song, really well mixed, this is why I missed newgrounds so much!

Thank you for bringing a great song onto newgrounds, its the first trance song I've looked at after a long time away from NG and this feels like the perfect welcome back song to me.

Ste :)


I-I-It's. Beautifullll
*tears up*