Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

I love it!

This is simply a beautiul song. Very Relaxing.


love the way this puts the atmosphere around

Incredibly well-done

This is absolutely fantastic..

0:02 - Great kick drum sound.

0:20 - The intro synth is very ambient sounding here. It sounds empty but in a very good way.

0:32 - I do believe I hear side-chain ducking/compression on the synth here. I like it, if that is the case.

0:47 - I love the bell pad synth in the background here.

1:02-1:47 - The synth with the side-chain ducking opens up here for the break and sounds huge once it does. The other saw pad in here sounds great as well. This entire break conveys a lot of emotion.

1:47-2:32 - The bass here is GREAT. It's very soft and deep sounding. Thus far this track has an incredibly full and emotional feel to it. I love how you give just a taste of certain synths before changing it up and going into something else.

2:32 - The break here is perfect in my opinion. It matches the mood very well and gives a very Earthy feel to it.

2:40-3:30 - The orchestral build here is absolutely the most emotional and engaging section of this entire track. WELL DONE.

3:30-6:30 - I love the drums during this entire part of the track. I love the side-chain ducking/compression you have on various instruments. I LOVE that you don't repeat a simple 8 measure progression and you allow everything to progress and open up, adding and taking away different percussive and instrumental aspects as it goes on.

The end of the track is fitting, in my opinion. It breaks itself down and returns to the feel that it had in the beginning. Overall this track is incredible. Everything sits so well in the mix, and sounds so appropriate for the mood. You did a very nice job. This is one track that actually deserves to be in a top spot here on Newgrounds.

sounds a little like benny bassini

idk the intro sounds like finger food lol but this is good stuff


After listening to something this beautiful, maybe the world is not so cold ^^