Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

;_; so nice

i downloaded this song some time ago last year and somehow it got deleted and i forgot its name but now i found it and it's... IT'S BEAUTIFUL

Wonderful tune

Though do people really cry as often as they claim to in reviews....? Anyway, tradition of high production quality is continues with this fantastic song, very well done.


This track is amazing dude. It's got everything! Chilly atmosphere, great melodies and synths and the breakdown in the middle was really something else. Those strings man.. They're just sublime. And the crickets and the rain or camp fire(?) sounds were a great touch too. Production is sick aswell. Great structuring. Gah, all round, it's just perfect. What more can I say?

Anyway, that's about all from me. Keep it up man, you're obviously going places with your music.


So I was looking on Newgrounds for something to do, and I stumbled upon your profile. So I listened to your trance music.

I must say, you are like the Comstock Lode of Trance.


Seriously a true artist, i was in a writing slump so decided to lurk newgrounds in hopes to find some inspiring music. I must thank you whole heartedly that your music saved me! and ow i can write my story.