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Reviews for "FF7 - Battle Theme Remake"

Love it

It stays true to Final Fantasy 7's battle music and I love it.

isn't this the pokemon stadium song?

I swear this is like a copy of it, lol, (not your music, the beat pattern)

Nicely done

Not only do you make top tier flashes but also great video game remixes too i am impressed good sir,not saying this is the greatest FF7 Battle theme remix out there but it's a solid one and quite enjoyable so i think it deserves a 10.

Sooooo! ...that ff7 remake?

This song could totally make it into the remake if they ever did one for the ps3! it jus sounds like something square-enix would put into the game!

Hot diggiy DAMN!

I can't recall how many times I heard this song. Its good to be able to listen to it with out it being annoying as hell. And if Square ever gets around to raping the game for more money they can use it in the PS3/360 remake. Yes I said 360 Square don't do PS3 exclusives for FF titles, thats not a sound marketing policy