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Reviews for "FF7 - Battle Theme Remake"


If I ever get off my ass and actually make a game or movie, this song is going to be at least one of the boss themes.


You totally changed the emotion/feel of it all. Some probably wont see or rather hear the distinct difference but if you compare you'll see that this seems so much more epic. Its going to depend on your personal preference whether the original a small battle full of weak sauce against a couple of soldiers. Or this a Epic crazy war against the factions of Man kind and.. Creatures?..

I could care less if that sounded corny. (Couldn't think of anything else) Better than just saying epic.



Can you make a youtube with this song, and lyrics :D

Awsome Sauce

Man awsome remak and we all agree best game EVA award goes to ff 7 now and forever an this....This goes right there with it.

nice feel

i like the way you made it feel like it was an epic battle between two warring factions, that or storming a keep.