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Reviews for "FF7 - Battle Theme Remake"


You made the "Original" battle theme into more of a "Epic" battle theme I love it. Square Enix should use this on a remake version of FF VII for the PS3/Xbox360, that would draw me into the game more. OMG just imagine the graphics with this type of music. (drool) :D

Good Stuff Here

this is good, real good. you made a orchestral version of one of the most known fighting songs. really i feel like it could be higher, but there are restrictions lol. 10/10

oh and on a side note, the bells during the beginning at 0:17 made me think of the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" theme lol (notice that its the same notes in both)

Boss worthy!

I know this was the battle theme to FF7, but I use music when I play a particular MMO, especially against bosses. This is going into that score.


Excellent instruments and everything seems to be in place! It feels like it could be in Metal Gear. The instruments just give it that EPIC feel. Every little detail is done so magnificently. I hope to hear more just like this!


freakin fun 7

Is it just me or does this look like the fightin theme of FF8?
Still, the FF10 battle theme is still more anoyin', it gets stuck in your head faster and longer.