Reviews for "Drawn Dream 5"

this is by far my favorite episode

i love drawn dream. i first found your stuff on ABS. i've put a few things on there, but all of it is work related, so i couldnt ever go nuts like you do in these. keep up the good work with this series.


This deserves a front page

Some dreams

This is great because you simply went off to show what you had in your dreams, at least I think you did. The weirdest thing about this was probably how everything seemed to be drawn in a different style! Like the man guy was live-action and his arm was cartoon with color. The zombies and the clown guy were drawn with no color. The background was drawn on the back of notebook paper. The red blood had a different style too!

It's hard to suggest you to change anything. I mean, you're the one who has these dreams and they make as much sense as any other ones. I was not expecting the clown guy to get shot in the face like that. Is it just me or does his mouth look like a pizza? Your brain is pretty talented for coming up with good jokes while you're sleeping!

Vincent Price!

Creepy drawings. Funny stuff. The zombies were awesome. Too short though. I want more zombie banter.

OMG I just came.

Jesus Christ, that was awesome. Great job, again. Keep it up. Your animation and graphics rock tits.