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Reviews for "akamaru hampster dance cv"

luv it

NNNNNNN00000000000OOOoooooooooooooo kiba dance!kibas so smexy!

better than black and white

this one is better than the other

... LAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this submission, im giving it a five!!! i couldn't stop watching this! brand new version of the doo see do!!!! man i cant wait until i can make somthing like this!

hehe, that was really good.

Thats quality entertainment right there. That was just as good as any UNFF in my opinion. i'm surprised I haven't seen this yet. Great animation,... and... yeah it was cute... there I said it.
Also, i noticed "Peru" on Kakashi's headband. The only thing I can think of is there is another really good flash artist from Peru,but considering your from canada that dosn't make much sense. hope you make more.


i cant stop laughing, i cant close the **** window, its too funy roflolololololololololol